Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are frequently asked by clients planning to come and view horses at Turlood Stables.

  • How many horses do you have for sale?
    Here at Turlood Stables there are always a minimum of 20 horses, often more throughout the summer.
  • Do I have to make an appointment to come and view your horses?
    Yes, please - if you could call or email to tell us a time that suits you we can arrange for either Billy or myself to be available.
  • What days are you open?
    We are open every day and welcome clients to come and see us at their convenience.
  • Can I see the horses being ridden before I have a ride?
    Yes, of course. We like to demonstrate all of our horses on the flat and over fences before clients get on and have a go.
  • What facilities do you have?
    We have 40 indoor stables, a large indoor riding arena, a large all weather riding arena, show jumps, a small cross country course, and superb hacking. We also have a lovely viewing gallery, ideal for family and friends that come along to watch.
  • How many horses can I try?
    As many as we think may be suitable, be it 2 or 20.
  • I am not a very confident rider, will there be people watching me?
    Certainly not, we know how nerve wrecking it is for some people trying out new horses, therefore just let us know and as long as you are safe on the horse we will simply leave you to enjoy your ride.
  • Can I see or take a horse I like for a hack on the road?
    Yes, you can certainly watch and follow a horse you like along the road, and for insurance reasons only, clients may take a horse a short ride along the road (which is normally sufficient for most riders)
  • Can I ride the horses in the field?
    Depending on the weather, yes.
  • Do all of your horses come with a passport?
    Yes, every horse sold has a passport.
  • What happens if there are not any horses I like?
    Don't panic, there are new horses arriving every week, and we will keep you informed of any new suitable arrivals.
  • I know you sell the horses very quickly; can I reserve one which I like?
    If there is a certain horse you like, and you are happy to go ahead and purchase the horse, then a £500 non refundable deposit must be paid to secure the sale - please see conditions of sale for further information.
  • Is my deposit refundable if I change my mind and cancel the sale?
    Understandably No, we may have sold the horse within that time, and lost out on a genuine sale.
  • Can you transport my new horse?
    Yes, no problem. We deliver horses all over Scotland, England and also to the Scottish islands.
  • How much will it cost to transport my new horse?
    Depending on where about the horse is going, and if we can share a load (which normally happens) we are very reasonably priced.
  • Is tack included in the sale price?
    No - however we do stock a variety of tack and equipment.
  • Can I buy and will you fit my new horse with tack?
    Yes, we can supply bridles, rugs and other grooming equipment at a very competitive price. We also have starter kits available - please see our Services page.
  • Can I come in the evening to view horses?
    Yes, of course you can, both our indoor and outdoor arenas have lights. 
  • Can I come back for a second viewing?
    Yes, however do be prepared that you may risk the horse you like being sold by that time.
  • Can I bring my riding instructor along for advice?
    Yes, instructors, advisers are welcome.
  • Are your horses open to vet inspections?
    Yes they are, however the horses certainly would not be here if there were any problems.
  • Which vets can I chose and can you organise this?
    We are dealing with vettings every week, and have a selection of vets throughout central Scotland which we welcome, independent vets are also welcome.
  • What price range are your horses?
    Prices start at £1500, and go upwards depending on quality and performance. I think you will find our prices very reasonable compared to private sales and other establishments. Please simply enquire, you may be pleasantly suprised.
  • What happens if I buy a horse and it fails the vetting?
    Then the £500 deposit paid to secure the sale is refunded in full.
  • If my new horse is not suitable when I get it home what happens?
    You have a 7 day warranty. Contact us - explain the situation and we will provide you with an exchange

Please see conditions of sale for all other queries relating to purchasing your horse.


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